Deschamps: “Martial has incredible potential, but…”


For the last gathering of the French team in 2018, Didier Deschamps delivered an expected list with, as main information, the return of Anthony Martial.

The coach of Les Bleus also took the opportunity to mention Mbappé’s status. Selected pieces. Why did you select Anthony Martial when you hadn’t called him for several months?
I didn’t blame him for anything. But the one I took his place brought more important things in relation to the collective. Anthony has had good periods with the French team as well as in clubs. Today, what he is doing with Manchester is closer to what he can do in terms of investment and efficiency. He is still a young player who, I hope, will gain maturity. If he’s here, it’s also because some of the players are injured. But even if the others had been available, it wouldn’t necessarily have prevented him from being there. These are choices in relation to specific conditions.

How do you rate its trajectory in recent years, with ups and downs?
You’ll have to ask him. Anthony has incredible potential, but he doesn’t always show it regularly. He has leaps of concentration, which may suggest that it is a lack of application. He is able to do very well, but also much less well. He is a very young player who has done a lot. He can do even more, but it’s up to him to realize that. He’s showing it right now with Manchester. His inconsistency has happened in the past. He’ll have to fight this. It’s in his nature. Thus he will be able to pass a course to have a certain regularity over the season and even over several.


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